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4 Amazing International E-Commerce Platform Features That Will Increase Conversion in Your Site

Selling your products to both international and local customers can lead to high returns. Hence, you need to look for great ways that will increase your sales. Caring for your customers’ needs is one way to make them purchase your products. As you know, the customers are the key to the success of your business. Hence, if you provide the best services, they will purchase more of your products. An international e-commerce platform can help you to increase the conversion rate. They come with excellent features to attract visitors to your site and make them purchase more. Here are the features:


In this era, the fraud cases are increasing. Due to this, customers fear to do online shopping. However, they find it convenient as they can make purchases at any time. They, therefore, spend hours browsing online to find that site which will enable them to make safe purchases. Hence, if your goal is to increase sales, you need to select an international e-commerce platform with a high level of security. One with PCI (Payment Card Industry) is essential as it will allow customers to use safe methods like the credit/ debit cards. Also, the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) will assure customers of protection. With this, they can make purchases which will lead to an increase in sales.


 Many people wonder how the customization feature will increase the conversion rate. It stands out to be the leading feature in enhancing the customers’ experience. Hence, choosing an international e-commerce platform with the customization feature will enable you to customize the checkout process. You will get the freedom to include a shopping cart in every product page. With this, customers can easily add items to their shopping cart without leaving their current page. Also, this feature will allow you to add integrated payment gateways. With this, customers will use a method of their choice and make quick purchases.

Mobile optimization feature

This feature is crucial as it will allow customers to navigate easily through your site. Most customers will click the exit button when they find that your site does not look great in their devices. To avoid this, you need to ensure that the international e-commerce platform you are using has responsive themes. With this, you will create a site that will allow customers to use any mobile device to navigate through your site.

Various payment options

Because e-commerce business is all about selling products worldwide, you need to ensure that you provide different methods of payments. With an international e-commerce platform that supports foreign currencies, you will offer all customers an opportunity to make purchases with a method of their choice.

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