NuvoH2O Salt-free Water System

Product Description

The NuvoH20 is a salt less water softener used in households to soften the water system. It helps prevents the build-up of hard water onto the household’s equipments.  It also removes any hard water which has already built-up on the equipments causing unhealthy drinking of water. The build-up of water will brings the inconvenience of dry skin and corroded equipments. It is therefore imperative to use the NuvoH20 to help alleviate the problem.


There are two metal ions namely magnesium and calcium which mainly cause the hard water in households. This salt less water softener help fights these ions. It makes use of an advanced technology to achieve that. By doing that it lowers the level of pH of water. The water will be left soft and healthy. Then it can be used for lawn aeration, drinking, watering plants, bathing and almost anything that requires healthy water.

Product features

  • There is no salt in this system
  • There is no power consumption-it requires no use of electricity
  • There is no waste of water
  • It is small in size
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Removes stains on pipes in the household to extent their life. 

Product Review

If you are experience the problem of hard water then nuvoH20 is the best solution to take. One advantage is that it is a salt free solution unlike the old known salt based solution. The old salt based solution to hard water had too many inconveniences particularly cost-wise. There were costs of buying salt and water waste. With this system you will rest assured that your household water is clean. It is guaranteed to be effective up to 100 percent hence produced for 30 years. In addition quality is guaranteed because it has a lifetime warranty.

The important part of it is that it helps fight corrosion of equipments such as pipes and geysers. It helps remove hard water from the building up on these essentials and therefore fights corrosion. Furthermore it prevents any stains from forming onto the pipes. This product is a must have for any household water system. One will not be concerned with electricity bill or water bill. With nuvoH20 you will save a tremendous amount of those hence no power consumption, water waste or salt usage. You will therefore continue to enjoy a healthy water flow throughout operation. It only needs an experienced plumber to install it into your water system and start softening water. 

Product Specifications

  • Has dimensions of 5X24 inches
  • Has a total weight of 12 pounds
  • Has a variety of colors such as white color, black color and blue color.
  • Has a model number of WH2100

For many one seeking healthy water and long life of household pipes and heaters then the use of nuvoH20 is highly recommended. It replaces the inconvenient salt based solution which needed the use of salt. With these one you do not have to worry hence no salt involved. That is why is called a saltless water softener. It does not use electricity at all.