Scale Sentry Salt Free water Conditioner-SFSP844

The Scale Sentry system is free of any chemicals and is a salt-less water softener. It conditions the water without any use of salt or power and furthermore no waste water. It fights the buildup of scale in pipes and therefore enables a flow of healthy water. There is no drain needed in using this softener.

Its valve can be replaced after 5 years hence it has a five year warranty. On the other hand, the tank comes with a 10-year warranty. Included with this softener is the free carbon filter. When installing it, there are instructions included to follow. If difficult then a plumber is always an option to go for an optimal installation.

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Product Features

  • It does not use any chemicals
  • It is free of salt
  • There is no electricity usage
  • Eliminates the buildup of scale in pipes
  • A free carbon filter is included
  • It is environmentally friendly

Product Review

Beyond the doubtful reasons, the Scale Sentry system is the most convenient salt-less water softener one can use in household. For any water problems, it offers all solutions. Remember should the scale buildup in the pipes and heaters it will affects the flow of water. It will also result with unhealthy water to drink and to bath. It may as well result with dry skin. So the use of this softener is highly recommended.

This softener is a possible replacement of the traditionally utilized water softeners which used a salt based solution. With this one there are no extra costs for salt or electricity bill. The product is environmentally friendly hence it uses no chemicals in conditioning the water system. There is not even waste water involved as well.

A free carbon filter is included as part of the great deal. Scale Sentry system uses media scale prevention technology in conditioning water. It neutralizes the water without any use of salt or chemicals. It is a must have system and quite easy to install for use. An experienced plumber is therefore needed in this regard for a proper installation. Nevertheless, the owner may as well install this product because it comes with easy to understand instructions.

It is a great way of saving more money because no power usage or salt. The valves can be changed after a long time and it is refillable. No costs involved for the use of chemicals.

Product Specifications

  • The product has a total weight of 76.7 pounds
  • And model number SFC-SS844-BB 210

The Scale sentry salt-less water softener is a state-of-the-art system used to condition water for healthy consumption. In using this, one further extends the life of pipes and heaters hence this system eliminates corrosion. Corrosion may result from a buildup of scale in the pipes because of unconditioned water. That being said, the softener will help prevents corrosion and enable a maximum flow of water through the pipes. If scale continues to buildup, the pipes may be blocked and therefore affecting water flow and causing unhealthy water.…