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Scale Sentry Salt Free water Conditioner-SFSP844

The Scale Sentry system is free of any chemicals and is a salt-less water softener. It conditions the water without any use of salt or power and furthermore no waste water. It fights the buildup of scale in pipes and therefore enables a flow of healthy water. There is no drain needed in using this softener.

Its valve can be replaced after 5 years hence it has a five year warranty. On the other hand, the tank comes with a 10-year warranty. Included with this softener is the free carbon filter. When installing it, there are instructions included to follow. If difficult then a plumber is always an option to go for an optimal installation.

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Product Features

  • It does not use any chemicals
  • It is free of salt
  • There is no electricity usage
  • Eliminates the buildup of scale in pipes
  • A free carbon filter is included
  • It is environmentally friendly

Product Review

Beyond the doubtful reasons, the Scale Sentry system is the most convenient salt-less water softener one can use in household. For any water problems, it offers all solutions. Remember should the scale buildup in the pipes and heaters it will affects the flow of water. It will also result with unhealthy water to drink and to bath. It may as well result with dry skin. So the use of this softener is highly recommended.

This softener is a possible replacement of the traditionally utilized water softeners which used a salt based solution. With this one there are no extra costs for salt or electricity bill. The product is environmentally friendly hence it uses no chemicals in conditioning the water system. There is not even waste water involved as well.

A free carbon filter is included as part of the great deal. Scale Sentry system uses media scale prevention technology in conditioning water. It neutralizes the water without any use of salt or chemicals. It is a must have system and quite easy to install for use. An experienced plumber is therefore needed in this regard for a proper installation. Nevertheless, the owner may as well install this product because it comes with easy to understand instructions.

It is a great way of saving more money because no power usage or salt. The valves can be changed after a long time and it is refillable. No costs involved for the use of chemicals.

Product Specifications

  • The product has a total weight of 76.7 pounds
  • And model number SFC-SS844-BB 210

The Scale sentry salt-less water softener is a state-of-the-art system used to condition water for healthy consumption. In using this, one further extends the life of pipes and heaters hence this system eliminates corrosion. Corrosion may result from a buildup of scale in the pipes because of unconditioned water. That being said, the softener will help prevents corrosion and enable a maximum flow of water through the pipes. If scale continues to buildup, the pipes may be blocked and therefore affecting water flow and causing unhealthy water.…

NuvoH2O Salt-free Water System

Product Description

The NuvoH20 is a salt less water softener used in households to soften the water system. It helps prevents the build-up of hard water onto the household’s equipments.  It also removes any hard water which has already built-up on the equipments causing unhealthy drinking of water. The build-up of water will brings the inconvenience of dry skin and corroded equipments. It is therefore imperative to use the NuvoH20 to help alleviate the problem.


There are two metal ions namely magnesium and calcium which mainly cause the hard water in households. This salt less water softener help fights these ions. It makes use of an advanced technology to achieve that. By doing that it lowers the level of pH of water. The water will be left soft and healthy. Then it can be used for lawn aeration, drinking, watering plants, bathing and almost anything that requires healthy water.

Product features

  • There is no salt in this system
  • There is no power consumption-it requires no use of electricity
  • There is no waste of water
  • It is small in size
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Removes stains on pipes in the household to extent their life. 

Product Review

If you are experience the problem of hard water then nuvoH20 is the best solution to take. One advantage is that it is a salt free solution unlike the old known salt based solution. The old salt based solution to hard water had too many inconveniences particularly cost-wise. There were costs of buying salt and water waste. With this system you will rest assured that your household water is clean. It is guaranteed to be effective up to 100 percent hence produced for 30 years. In addition quality is guaranteed because it has a lifetime warranty.

The important part of it is that it helps fight corrosion of equipments such as pipes and geysers. It helps remove hard water from the building up on these essentials and therefore fights corrosion. Furthermore it prevents any stains from forming onto the pipes. This product is a must have for any household water system. One will not be concerned with electricity bill or water bill. With nuvoH20 you will save a tremendous amount of those hence no power consumption, water waste or salt usage. You will therefore continue to enjoy a healthy water flow throughout operation. It only needs an experienced plumber to install it into your water system and start softening water. 

Product Specifications

  • Has dimensions of 5X24 inches
  • Has a total weight of 12 pounds
  • Has a variety of colors such as white color, black color and blue color.
  • Has a model number of WH2100

For many one seeking healthy water and long life of household pipes and heaters then the use of nuvoH20 is highly recommended. It replaces the inconvenient salt based solution which needed the use of salt. With these one you do not have to worry hence no salt involved. That is why is called a saltless water softener. It does not use electricity at all.…

Aquatiere No Scale Salt-Less Water Softener

Product Description

Aquatiere softener is a salt less water softener for use in households. It helps transform the hard water stains into crystals that are incapable of remaining onto household pipes for healthy water. It has a resin which lasts as long as 5 years prior to replacement. This water softener is sure to bring peace-of-mind in terms of costs because has no power consumption, no water waste and lastly no any salt needed. And it is suitable for a double bathroom house.

The Aquatiere salt less water softener is a possible replacement of the salt based solution used before and even now. This one is cost effective and easy to use. It is easy to install it and therefore remove stains on your pipes while making your water as healthy as possible with TAC technology. During treatment, they may be some powder left on the bottom of your geyser or kettle. However that should not be a concern because it can be rinsed with ease. The powder crystals resulting from this softener proved to be healthy for drinking.

There is no sodium included in the softener which then assures a risk-free drinking. It is proven to be 100 percent efficient and effective. And it is ideal for skin sensitive people when bathing. It is possible to refill it again. Prevents rust on the equipments.

Product Features

  • Has resin which lasts for a period of 5 years
  • Has no salt
  • Has no water waste
  • It does not consume electricity
  • Has a flow rate of 40 liters per minute
  • It is suitable for double bathroom

Product Review

A viable solution to hard water causing rust on pipes is Aquatiere salt less water softener. Unlike the traditionally used salt based water softeners, this one help you save costs of buying salts and saves water as well. The technology used helps make sure that the water is treated effectively and pipes surfaces are free from stains that keep on building-up on them.

After treatment, the water will be healthy to drink and furthermore help soften your skin and your hair when bathing. It will also be suitable to use for lawns. In going through this process of using a salt less water softener, one helps to extend the life of household’s pipes. You will therefore save a lot of money which may result from replacement of corroded pipes and heaters because of scales. One other feature with this softener is the flow rate of 40 liters per minute.

Product Specifications

  • The Aquatiere water softener has dimensions of 17X7X7 inches
  • And a total weight of 17.6 pounds
  • It has a model number of NS 40

With this new Aquatiere salt less water softener, the traditionally used salt based softeners are old news. This softener brings the much needed convenience of no power consumption, no use of salt and a waste of water. With its TAC technology one will be sure that corrosion is being eliminated and the water is healthy to drink.…

The Advantages of Using Saltless Water Softener

You may have heard about salt water softener and you get interested with this form of the water conditioner system. Hard water is considered unsafe for drinking and only intended for household use. They can clog water pipes after long years of use and they cannot lather that easily. Due to this, a lot of water softening units are being promoted in the market. But why the saltless type is the most recommended? Well it has plenty of known benefits.


Positive Effects on Health

One of the benefits in using saltless water softener is that they do not use salt compared to the traditional types. The salt that can be found in older models makes the water unsafe for drinking. These can add more salt in the water which can be critical for individuals who are suffering from any medical condition like kidney and heart diseases as well as electrolyte imbalances.

In essence, hard water already has high sodium content. Thus, using traditional water system can potentially add more salt and cause negative effects on health.

They Are Environment Friendly

Since the saltless water systems in the market do not make use of salt, you can avoid all the troubles in changing the salt content. It offers less the hassle and more convenience, making it more practical to use over the traditional ones. Also, water high in salt content is known to cause pollution in the environment. Due to this, a lot of experts recommend the use of saltless water softener. They gain more approval since they have the ability to eradicate minerals and not cause salt residue.

The traditional water systems will only add more sodium or salt content to the water. In order to solve this, replacing these with saltless water system is a good solution. There are citrus based and those that make use of a chemical called potassium chloride. Unlike sodium, potassium chloride is safe for humans.

Most saltless water softener that is available in the market is not powered by electricity. Hence, you can contribute a lot to environment safety.

No Major Hassle

Anyone who has experienced to use both traditional and saltless water conditioner can attest that adding or replacing salt to the traditional system can be such as hassle. In many units, salt replacement should be replaced every month. In case you fail to replace the salt and the level reached less than half, the consistency of the water will be greatly affected.

On the other hand, if you exceed in the required amount of salt, you will encounter tons of problems as well. Moreover, the salt bags are heavy and are covered with salt residue which could stain your skin and fabrics. But when it comes to saltless water softener, you will only need to replace the lightweight cartridge twice a year and they are extremely easy to change too.

So, if you want to protect your health and the environment as well as get all the wonderful benefits of these saltless water systems, it is time to consider investing in one.

How to Weigh Up Saltless Water Softeners

If you think your traditional water conditioner is beginning to become a hassle for you, then it is time to consider a saltless water softener. The salt that is used in traditional water conditioners can be tough to replace. They can be messy and can cause several environmental problems. Although there are plenty of saltless water conditioners out there in the market, it is important to know how to evaluate this product to come up with the best choice.


Parts and Calibration

Basically, the traditional water conditioners that you can find have moving parts. These can be susceptible to breakdown or damage which could lead to more serious damage. In order to avoid possible issues and repairs when it comes the moving parts, it is best to look for saltless water conditioners without moving parts. Also, look for units that require no calibration for more manageable usage.

Scale Buildup Removal Ability

One of the advantages in owning a saltless water softener is that it does not cause scale build up. But then, you may have probably have accumulated a great deal of scale build up prior to owning the saltless conditioner unit. There can be no problem with this since there are actually saltless water conditioners that can aid in removing the build up.

You can go for water systems that are citrus based as they can remove the build up and eradicate them from your dishes, home appliances, shower rooms, and even your hair and skin. Hence, you should make an effort to look for the types that can help you solve the problem with scale buildup.

Finding the Right Size

When looking for saltless water systems, it is important to take a look at the size. Essentially, the size of the water softener that you should buy will depend on where you are planning to place it. In most cases, there can be a limited space available for the unit so you should look for saltless water system that has a compact size. However, if you have a wide space to install your water softener, you can go for any size so long as it fits your existing space.

Check Out the Warranty Period

Essentially, saltless water softeners are considered good so long as they work and last. Thus, it is highly advised to consider the warranty coverage of the unit you are going to purchase. There are softeners that come with years of warranty while there are units that can be bought offering lifetime warranty.

Other Systems

Unlike traditional water softeners that operate through electricity, most of the saltless water system available today requires no drain and electricity. This makes it less costly and more convenient to install and operate. They are more eco friendly too since you no longer have to consume electricity to have it work and to dump your waste to the grounds. Therefore, it will help you a lot if you are aware of the different options and how you will evaluate the water systems available in the market.