Aquatiere No Scale Salt-Less Water Softener

Product Description

Aquatiere softener is a salt less water softener for use in households. It helps transform the hard water stains into crystals that are incapable of remaining onto household pipes for healthy water. It has a resin which lasts as long as 5 years prior to replacement. This water softener is sure to bring peace-of-mind in terms of costs because has no power consumption, no water waste and lastly no any salt needed. And it is suitable for a double bathroom house.

The Aquatiere salt less water softener is a possible replacement of the salt based solution used before and even now. This one is cost effective and easy to use. It is easy to install it and therefore remove stains on your pipes while making your water as healthy as possible with TAC technology. During treatment, they may be some powder left on the bottom of your geyser or kettle. However that should not be a concern because it can be rinsed with ease. The powder crystals resulting from this softener proved to be healthy for drinking.

There is no sodium included in the softener which then assures a risk-free drinking. It is proven to be 100 percent efficient and effective. And it is ideal for skin sensitive people when bathing. It is possible to refill it again. Prevents rust on the equipments.

Product Features

  • Has resin which lasts for a period of 5 years
  • Has no salt
  • Has no water waste
  • It does not consume electricity
  • Has a flow rate of 40 liters per minute
  • It is suitable for double bathroom

Product Review

A viable solution to hard water causing rust on pipes is Aquatiere salt less water softener. Unlike the traditionally used salt based water softeners, this one help you save costs of buying salts and saves water as well. The technology used helps make sure that the water is treated effectively and pipes surfaces are free from stains that keep on building-up on them.

After treatment, the water will be healthy to drink and furthermore help soften your skin and your hair when bathing. It will also be suitable to use for lawns. In going through this process of using a salt less water softener, one helps to extend the life of household’s pipes. You will therefore save a lot of money which may result from replacement of corroded pipes and heaters because of scales. One other feature with this softener is the flow rate of 40 liters per minute.

Product Specifications

  • The Aquatiere water softener has dimensions of 17X7X7 inches
  • And a total weight of 17.6 pounds
  • It has a model number of NS 40

With this new Aquatiere salt less water softener, the traditionally used salt based softeners are old news. This softener brings the much needed convenience of no power consumption, no use of salt and a waste of water. With its TAC technology one will be sure that corrosion is being eliminated and the water is healthy to drink.